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Q: Can I wear mascara?

A: Yes, however it is not recommended with eyelash extensions. Wearing mascara repeatedly will weaken the bond between the lashes.

If you feel the need to wear mascara on top of them make sure to wear a water soluble mascara.

Q: Can I wear my makeup as normal?

A: Yes, although you do need to be aware when you take your makeup off. Do not rub your eyes excessively.

Q: Can I feel them?

A: The faux mink lashes are so close to your natural lashes that you won’t feel them, most people forget they have them on.

Q: Does the process hurt?

A: No, the actual process of the eyelash extensions is painless. You will hardly feel anything.

Q: Can I go swimming with eyelash extensions on?

A: Yes, however an excessive amount of water and oils will weaken the bond between the lashes.

Q: Can I use makeup remover?

A: Use a water based remover only, an oil based remover will weaken the bond between the lashes.

Q: Do I need to curl them?

A: No, the lashes already have a permanent curl to them.  There is no need to use an eyelash curler with them as it will weaken the lashes and break them.

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Eyelash Extensions Las Vegas

The high-quality lashes not only lengthen and thicken your lashes, they enhance your eyes natural beauty. Eyelash extensions are lightweight so you don’t feel them and they are dark enough that you look as though you are wearing mascara.