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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions create a longer, thicker and fuller look that almost every woman desires because more attractive eyelashes get noticed!


Aren't you Jealous

Leave each room with a hoard of whispering gals just hoping you will break a nail. This package includes a full set of high-quality mink lash extensions 70 synthetic mink lashes per eye!


Vegas Baby!

Just add a pair of heels and even a burlap sack will ensure you are the talk of the town in these lashes. WARNING: These lashes will upstage the bride (recommended especially for a bridesmaid to a younger sister or an ex-girlfriend seeking revenge). A sexy 100 high-quality synthetic mink lashes per eye!


Volume or 3d Lashes

This package includes the new and exciting volume hollywood Russian or also called 3d lashes. These lashes are lighter on your natural lash yet give you a thicker more voluminous look.!


Real Mink

This package includes 100% real mink lashes per eye. It will have people wondering how you got so lucky to be born with such long full lashes (it will be our little secret).These lashes are real mink hair and give a natural highlight to your own lashes.



Classic Lash Fills

about every 3 weeks


Volume Lash Fills

about every 3 weeks

Contact Information

Cami Wells

(702) 979-CAMI (2264)

6290 S. Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas NV 89118


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Eyelash Extensions Las Vegas

The high-quality lashes not only lengthen and thicken your lashes, they enhance your eyes natural beauty. Eyelash extensions are lightweight so you don’t feel them and they are dark enough that you look as though you are wearing mascara.