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About Me

I have been in the esthetics field for over seven years and I have worked in the medical field working under a doctor’s care for over three years. An extended training course in laser procedures that I completed allows me to work as a medical esthetician. Working with lasers for many years I understand the importance of a clients’ safety and comfort. During my years of experience I have thrown esthetics parties and have gotten to know my clients in a more relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Eyelash extensions recently became one of my favorite procedures to perform. I learned to do them almost five years ago and they have just taken off since then. My clients love the way their eyelashes look and feel. As they started telling their friends, (who want their lashes to be just as beautiful) I started being called The Lash Lady. I love the before and after pictures and enjoy when a client sees their new lashes for the first time! Eyelash extensions have to be one of the best inventions in the esthetics field, they not only open your eyes and features up but make it more convenient for women to spend less time in the bathroom. Forget about mascara smudging or wearing off during the day! You will love the look of eyelash extensions. -Cami Wells

I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 10years. I have worked in Salons, on Fashion Shows, Retail Makeup Stores, Traveled as a National Makeup Artist, Worked on Commercials and Catalogs, Countless Weddings and Destination Weddings, and many other events. I have loved every minute of it. Hair has always been a love of mine and I truly feel that cosmetology school validated that love. After cosmetology school I realized my addiction to makeup. That is when I started working in the makeup industry. I worked very hard at climbing that career path to reach my goal of a National Makeup Artist. I traveled every week for a makeup company and work with and met some of the nicest and most amazing people I know today.

I gave up that exciting “traveling somewhere different every week life” to work for myself. I now have a studio that I work out of doing makeup and eyelash extensions. I love how eyelash extensions enhance natural beauty. I do warn that once you have started you can’t stop. They are a serious addiction! -Rachel Harper

Contact Information

Cami Wells

(702) 979-CAMI (2264)

6290 S. Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas NV 89118


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Eyelash Extensions Las Vegas

The high-quality lashes not only lengthen and thicken your lashes, they enhance your eyes natural beauty. Eyelash extensions are lightweight so you don’t feel them and they are dark enough that you look as though you are wearing mascara.